Revit spiral slide

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revit spiral slide

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revit spiral slide

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Show more.Results 1 to 5 of 5. Thread: Spiral slide. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Login to Give a bone. I need a degree spiral slide. K school design can be a lot of fun from a Revit family stand point. The kids will actually use this 15' slide to get between floors! Anyway, I have tried a swept blend that I sweep thru degrees, with the second identical profile lower than the first. However, I am having two problems.

Is there just no way and I will need to do four sections? Not a deal breaker, as the real thing is likely built as two or more sections and joined. But if I could get a single piece I would prefer it, especially if I have to do four sections. Anyone have any advice they can offer? Here are some ideas. I couldn't figure out how to make the path of a sweep go up in the Z direction so I did a spiral ramp and made the slide as a handrail.

I did four sections of degrees. I made the ramp small and it acts like the helical beam that would carry the slide. If you didn't want to see the joins, you could use the linework tool to make them invisible lines, but I think you are correct that it would actually be fabricated in sections and the seam line is appropriate.

I would be curious to hear ideas from others about other ways to create something like this and have the ability to taper the cross section of the slide?

revit spiral slide

Attached Images spiral slide. You could use the conceptual mass tool You can check this Blog post for another idea on how this might be done. Thanks Jeff for sharing the link; that is some very amazing stuff that Zach has built. Replies: 6 Last Post:PM. Replies: 5 Last Post:PM. Adding spiral-curve-spiral between lines, like fillet? Replies: 1 Last Post:PM. Replies: 2 Last Post:PM. Replies: 3 Last Post:AM.Written on May 9, In this example we are looking at creating a sweep that runs as a spiral around the circumference of a wall.

Select the Swept Blend tool. Now using the sketch path method or the pick the outside circumference of the wall. The next step is to finish the path and then go to an elevation or section view where we can see the profile work-planes. If you are sketching a profile then select all of the sketch lines and then click Ctrl-C for the next step.

Since we only have one part of the spiral then we need to select this part of the geometry and mirror copy it to the other side of the wall. In addition to this we need to then mirror the new part of the spiral from end to end i. The next step simply involves copying the full spiral upwards as many times as needed to meet our needs. In this case, select that part of the spiral and adjust the path to the required dimension.

You will note that the ends of the swept blend will always be vertical. If you needed the end to be truncated horizontally then create a simple void extrusion and make sure it is in contact with the appropriate part of the spiral.

You can define a material for the sweep and add other parts of the geometry if required then click the finish button green tick to close off the in-place family. Copyright Cadgroup. Built by Getmilk. Main Menu. How on earth do you create a spiral object in Revit? Click the green-tick to create the swept blend. And as always, have fun!Hi all! I'm back to ask more questions for my park project.

You see, one of the slides needs to be a spiral type. It has to be units-in my case cm tall and 60 units ride so the bigger kids can slide down no problem. My problem is making the 2D and thus 3D image. I'm not to sure how to go about this. I've tried doing the HELIX command but it's seemingly impossible to match up the two spirals to create the constant width and even create the slide.

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How on earth do you create a spiral object in Revit?

If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Recommended Posts. Posted October 19, If someone could give me a point in the right direction, I would be very appreciative. Thank you! Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Draw the base and sweep using the helix at path. There are some examples doing this in in my signature. Join the conversation You can post now and register later.

GTT: Playground, Final Assembly 2 (Spiral Slide)

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The flexibility of this slide is perfect for commercial or high-end residential applications. The high-volume water delivery system gives you up to 40 gallons of water per minute. Height: 10'7" overall, 7'6" to the seat Weight limit: lbs Children under 48" tall must be supervised at all times when using this slide.

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