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Chakras are energy portals, or star gates. The seven main chakras run through the central channel. Chakras are not within your physical body but are a part of your etheric body which includes your aura, toroidal field, and merkaba.

You also have a complex network of energy channels, meridians and nadis. In meditation, or Kundalini yoga, you can influence the flow of energy winds and drops of prana up and down the left, right and central channels.

This is like blood flowing through your arteries and veins. Below is a description of each of the 13 14 including energy crystal chakras and how they function. Whilst living on Earth you have your own energy crystal which is your link to the living Earth, or Gaia.

This is located at the crystalline core of the higher dimensional earth. It emanates an energy that is an Earth Kundalini which ascends from the core of the Earth, through the Earth and up into your earth star and root chakras.

From there it ignites your own Kundalini which is like a fiery serpent, rocket ship, or erupting volcano. When fully activated your kundalini ascends all the way up your central channel, which runs up your spine, and erupts like a volcano, over your crown chakra.

The kundalini energy showers like rain through and around your body and into the Earth. The earth star chakra is located 12 — 18 inches below the soles of your feet. This chakra aligns you with the magnetic core of the earth and connects you with Gaia, the mother of the earth. Grounding is where you connect your energy to Gaia to replenish and reground your body. Regularly connect to the earth using your earth star and root chakras.

When connected to earth and fully grounded, you may feel calm and supported like a baby in the womb. Also, you draw from the earth her grounding energy, and discharge your excess energy into her. The root chakra is located at the pelvic area in the centre of the body. Here you are connected to the earth and it is here where your Kundalini sits, coiled at the base of your spine.

If this chakra is unaligned it can create a lack of energy and depression which are due to its imbalance. The base chakra helps you to be active, balanced and centred. Its element is earth. The sacral chakra is linked to your sexual organs and working with this chakra helps you with resolving issues relating to sex and relationships including a low sex drive, sexual abuse and overactive sex drive.

The sacral chakra controls your sexual needs, passions, lower sexual organs, bladder, bowel and lower intestine. Its element is water. Energy is stored at your solar plexus chakra. This often includes pain, fear and stress in this area.

When working properly the energy stored is positive and promotes growth and healing. If it is not working, shut down or blocked, disease can get in and slowly cause decay and destruction. This chakra controls your upper intestines, upper back and spine.I know, throwing a new chakra into the mix of the familiar seven may be pretty surprising! Now, to fully blow your mind, you actually have three celestial chakras in your etheric body as well, and a slew of minor chakras throughout your body.

Your earth star chakra is not a part of your physical body like the other seven chakras. It connects directly to the core of the earth and to Gaia. The earth star chakra differentiates from your root chakra in a few ways:. How much time do you spend inside using technology? Developing a strong connection to this chakra can give you an unshakable feeling of being grounded.

Here are a few benefits of deepening your connection to this chakra:. Sounds nice, right? Keep reading for some tips on how to connect more deeply with your earth star chakra.

Cosmic Chakras

The best way to connect with this chakra is through meditation. The next time you sit down to meditate try this visualization: imagine a cord coming from the sky, going through your body, connecting to each of your seven chakras, finally connecting to your earth star chakra about 8 to 12 inches below you, and then imagine the cord going through each layer of the earth until it reaches the core of the earth.

Imagine this cord anchoring into the core of the earth so you have an unshakable grounding effect. You can also try visualizing the color of this chakra creating a bubble around you. Personally, I feel that my earth star chakra radiates a very dark reddish-brown hue, but I suggest meditating and deciding what feels true to you.

core star chakra

Earthing is direct skin contact with the earth. Of course, doing this with a conscious effort in mind of connecting with your earth star chakra will be best!

Try meditating while sitting outside, or simply spending some extra time walking in nature preferably barefootthinking about your connection to your earth star chakra. Black kyanite is the most highly recommended stone to use for connecting with your earth star chakra. Any dark earthy stones like onyx, black tourmaline, black or snowflake obsidian, and red or green jasper can assist you. We offer wearable snowflake obsidian and red and green jasper here.

If you fall into the category of having an aqua-colored earth star chakra, some recommend an aqua aura quartz.

The simple act of asking to be connected to this newly found chakra can go a long way. Try asking during meditation or while spending time in nature.

Tapping into this chakra can have a powerful effect on your own well being and our world. Categorised in: chakrascrystalsmeditationritualswellnesszenned out jewelry.

The 8 Other Chakras You Haven’t Heard About

Cassie Uhl is the founder and owner of Zenned Out, a jewelry company that handcrafts jewelry with meaning and provides a community that inspires a mindful and spiritual lifestyle.

Cassie grew up with a open minded, astrology obsessed grandmother and a father that would take her and her sister star gazing in the wee hours of the night. These experiences shaped Cassie and Zenned Out into what they are today by bringing spirituality and astrology into the forefront. Cassie hopes to give spiritual souls a place to feel at home on the Zenned Out blog and offers handcrafted jewelry with meaningful symbols, powerful gemstones, and mindful quotes to enable people to wear jewelry that aligns with their souls purpose.

Share On:. Connect On Instagram.After some time i noticed i have minor healing ability beyond my understanding. What an Incredible experience!!!

Ive had a lot of pain and anxiety in those same areas Where did the idea of it being negative if its large or oversized stem from? Core Star. The Core Star radiates Divine Light into your aura and environment.

At this level we are pure energy consciousness. We observe life unfold. We 'know' and can 'just be'. We exist here outside of time, space and physical incarnation. We even exist here outside of the concept of the soul. We embody wisdom, serenity, courage, power and love. The light expands into infinity. It is both the individual god and the Universal God within. It is the life force that is moving through us on all levels of our being.

We neither grasp at, or resist, our life experiences. There are no obstacles or problems. If we open here to Spirit it will change our lives. Our whole perception changes. We become undivided vessels for the creative force to move through us, touch others and speak to others through us. We feel rich, full and lack nothing. People disconnected from their Core have no connection to their creativity and spirituality. They cannot perceive themselves as spiritual beings having a physical experience.

They have forgotten who they really are. They cannot connect to a higher realm of consciousness. They have no clue as to the immensity of their resources. Thanks to Barbara Brennan for her research into the hara line. Email This BlogThis! Unknown 3 August at Rita Marr 3 May at Subscribe to: Posts Atom.Most of us are familiar with the seven Chakras or energy centers of the body. Although these Chakras are the main energy centers of the body, we actually have over 70, other smaller energy centers or scattered throughout the body like stars.

While the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras are the most powerful, there are eight other notable chakras that are worth understanding. These include. When out of balance, this energy center can manifest as feeling powerless or out of sync with your life.

The Soul Star Chakra is located just above the crown chakra and governs the energy of past knowledge and karmic memory. When the Soul Star Chakra is activated it is possible to have insights on past lives and different dimensions. Astral travel can also occur when this Chakra is activated, as well as a desire to study the stars and planets.

The Pineal chakra is located directly behind the eyes in the center of the brain. The Pineal Gland has long been considered sacred and is often called the seat of consciousness.

Solar Plexus Chakra - Manipura

The Pineal Chakra activates the energy of the Pineal gland, which helps to stimulate spiritual awareness and feelings of divinity. When in balance, this Chakra can help you to access hidden realms, communicate with Spirits and feel more in touch with your inner self.

It is also often activated on the lightworker journey. When out of balance, this Chakra can manifest as an inability to think for oneself, constant feelings of fear about the state of the world and being closed off to intuitive messages. The Cerebellum Chakra is located at the back of the neck just where your neck and head meet. When this energy center is strong, it manifests as feeling in touch and inspired by your dreams and even prophetic dreaming. It can also help you to see things for what they are, without allowing judgements of the mind to interfere.

When out of balance, this energy center can manifest as clouded judgement, always seeing the negative side of things and an inability to tap into your intuitive voice. The Thymus Chakra is also called the higher heart chakra and is located between the throat and the heart area.

core star chakra

When in balance, this Chakra helps you to access love of the Divine and of the self. It also helps you to see the gratitude and beauty in everyday things. When out of balance, this Chakra can manifest as narrow-mindedness or an inability to accept differing points of view.

core star chakra

The Thymus Chakra also helps you to connect your heart energies to your words so you can communicate more empathically and compassionately. The Sacred Heart Chakra is located just below the heart chakra and slightly to the left. The Sacred Heart Chakra works with the energy of the heart center and helps to expand our consciousness and feelings of unconditional love. When in balance, the Sacred Heart Chakra helps you to feel confident and secure with your direction in life.

It also helps to expand your intuitive feelings and clarity when it comes to messages from unseen worlds. When this Chakra is out of balance it can manifest as confusion, lack of empathy and inability to see both sides of the story. When in balance, this Chakra helps us to understand our role in this world and our soul purpose.

When out of balance however, it can cause feelings of disconnect.Go to Products for information on the above self study program. Location : In the centre or core of the body, about 1 or 1. Even deeper than the human energy field and the chakras is the Hara line. This is a place of deep calm due to the fact that it is a zero-point energy field, apparently lacking magnetic polarity.

According to Barbara Ann Brennan, the Hara line is a solid pole of intentionality that runs vertically through the center of the human body connecting us upwardly to the sky and downwardly to the center of the earth.

The Hara line is the foundation of the HEF and correlates to our intentionality. So what is inside the foundation of the Hara? When looking at this dimension, Brennan sees brilliant light just above then navel that is the individuated divine within. It is from here that creativity upwells from our center within, seemingly coming from other dimensions. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Name required.The simple answer, is that meditation, opening your heart, mindfulness, and taking steps to consciously elevate your vibration through responding to life with love and joy are the direct path to fully activating your 12 Chakra System. You can however make the choice to be proactive in activating more of your chakras. Moving into the chakra system starts by uniting each of your 7 chakra energy centers in a column of white light.

First, you will activate the 7 chakras contained within your physical being. Then, by grounding your energy to the Earth below your feet Your Earth Star chakra and lifting up into the Divine light above your head, these separate chakra energetic centers will unite as one.

The Eight Chakra: The seat of the soul:

When balanced and activated, your 7-chakra energy centers will merge in a brilliant crystalline column of white light that flows along your spinal column.

This column of light is the foundation of your light body, and an essential step on the path of activating your 12 chakra system… The column of light along your spine anchors you to the Earth below your feet, and to the Divine light above. Achieving this phase of ascension is a huge step in and of itself. Activating your higher chakras will effectively run a great deal more crystalline energy through your lighbody.

To avoid energetic overload, and to prevent yourself from blowing a fuse, it is essential that you activate your Earth Star Chakra first. Your Earth Star Chakra is located about 12 inches below your feet. It is a chakra of oneness which is connected to the Earth, the collective consciousness of humanity, and it is connected to the vast field of All That Is. As you work to balance, heal, and activate your Earth Star Chakra, you are completing powerful clearing and healing work for humanity and for the Earth as well as for your own life.

The higher you reach in the Divine and spiritual realms above, the more important and necessary it is for you to anchor your energy deep into the Earth. When your Earth Star Chakra is clear and balanced, you are able to be clear and balanced in your daily life.

The easiest way to activate and balance your Earth Star chakra is by simply relaxing, and listening to the Earth Star Activation Meditation with Archangel Metatron and Sandalphon:. You may want to lay down directly on the Earth, be surrounded by water, or relax in a hammock to tune into the energy of the air.

Close your eyes and relax. Find the vibration of gratitude and gratitude and thankfulness for the Earth and all the many blessings she brings infuse your vibration. Invite in Archangel Sandalphon to help you connect with the sacred light within the Earth to activate, cleanse, and balance your Earth Star Chakra. Next imagine light from the core of the Earth flowing up in through the bottom of your feet and up along your spinal column. Feel and experience white light entering into each of your chakras and uniting them as one.

Imagine a waterfall of Divine light from the Heavens pouring down upon you, cleansing your entire being, and flowing down into the Earth below your feet… Go with it.

Visualize the light of the Earth building in the area of your Earth Star Chakra, about 12 inches below your feet, beneath the surface of the Earth. Visualize the light of the Earth glowing beneath your feet.The hara is a core power-source that resides beneath the auric field of the human body. It is housed inside the tan tienexisting on the level of intentionality.

The hara is also known as the core star connection. The haric level serves as the aura's foundation. This is where your intentions are birthed, held, and housed. You might say that this is where the source or seed of your life purpose is located. It is also the source of your creativity. The hara line is a laser-like line that aligns vertically with the physical body. Not visible to the human eye it has been said to be approximately one-third of an inch wide. She emphasizes the role of the hara in regard to our intentions.

She goes into great detail about how the hara can be energetically healed and aligned. She also describes how to connect your hara line with others to create a group hara line. Very cool!

core star chakra

A healthy hara line is straight, centered, and well rooted. A person whose hara line is aligned properly will be in sync with integrity, power, and purpose. Whereas, a person whose hara line is misaligned will display negative-intent behaviors such as being argumentative, procrastinate, be overtly competitive, and perform their duties shoddily.

Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician.

You should seek prompt medical care for any health issues and consult your doctor before using alternative medicine or making a change to your regimen. Share Flipboard Email. Phylameana lila Desy. Reiki Expert. Phylameana lila Desy, the author of "The Everything Guide to Reiki," is a freelance writer, holistic healing consultant, intuitive counselor, and an energy medicine practitioner. The "spark" or beginning of your earth journey.

This point encapsulates your life purpose or reason for incarnating. It is often referred to as the "godhead. It is referred to as the "soul seat. It is your power or WILL center. This is where you draw your will to live from. Also, where you tap into powerful energies needed to follow through with your intentions.

It is referred to as the "tan tien. Godhead Dysfunctions: Signs of a dysfunctional godhead are cynicism, and a break or complete disconnect from God or source.

Soul Seat Dysfunctions: Signs of a dysfunctional soul seat include the physical appearance of a sunken chest, experiencing sadness, despair, grief Have you seen floating balls of light in your digital photographs?